Best milk I’ve ever had in my life.


Summer 2010

Well, I decided to come back to this because I have some more free time on my hands. I got a new job working at the Business Tower at SJSU. Check out my work place!

my workstation.

Seoul, South Korea

Heres a few more pictures of Seoul, South Korea.

my crib for the next 2 weeks

my future wife on that bus

night time

dinner time

Hello South Korea

Day 1.

And the two week journey begins through South Korea. I got into Incheon Airport at about 6:00pm local time then I had to wait three hours for my dad to arrive from Hong Kong. Check it out.

The view from our hotel room.

Alpha Kappa Psi

More photos from the Alpha Kappa Psi Theta Banquet!

check out my flickr!
Alpha Kappa Psi Photos

Here’s a sneak peek!


padua…hes the man.

Thanks for checkin it out!

Apartment 141

Today, May 21st 2009 I have picked up a new camera. The Nikon D80.

So this is what happens at the 141…

gangsta molly

dinner time

harrison is such a great older brother

aww mike is so cute

courtesy of kevin

our crib

2 cuties

Alpha Kappa Psi – Theta Banquet

Check it out! Theta Banquet pictures!

Also, check out my Alpha Kappa Psi page on my blog!


here is a sneak peak!

Thanks Thetas for having such a fun banquet! If you want any original size images let me know!